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A Product Built with Strength and Quality in Mind:

  *  Upholstery threading is sewn 4x and 5x in most critical seems (this includes the joined side of the bag as well). Military grade eyelets are rated for 6084 pounds on the 32 gallon sets. The canvas is PVC lined with heat fused nylon to prevent any loss of material. The screen is a high pressure rated screen used in commercial applications that require high pressure water treatments.

  *  The kits come in 4 bag and 8 bag sets to receive the best purity and highest yield of product. The eight bag set includes all bags 1 thru 8 and the micron sizes included are: 220µ, 170µ, 160µ, 120µ, 90µ, 73µ, 45µ, and 25µ respectively. The 4 bag set includes the 220µ bag, 160µ bag, 73µ bag, 25µ bag.

  *  Included in the kit is 4 or 8 bags, 1 pressing screen and 1 carrying pouch.

  *  Military grade hanging straps can be purchased for an additional cost. The hooks and D-rings used are the same quality that paratroopers use in their gear.

Classic Neato Bag Set

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Item Number Description Neato Set Price
classic M-4 5 gallon 4 bag $144.95
classic M-8 5 gallon 8 bag $266.95
classic L-4 32 gallon 4 bag $219.95
classic L-8 32 gallon 8 bag $359.95
STRAP Hanging Straps $29.95


New! EZ-FLOW Neato Bag Set

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Our Neato EZ-FLOW bags are engineered for maximum drainage at a MUCH faster rate. They are built with 40% more screen surface area (up the side of the bag) to help the draining process speed up A LOT (Some say up to as much as 30% FASTER!)

Item Number Description Neato Set Price
EZ-M4 5 gallon 4 bag $168.95
EZ-M8 5 gallon 8 bag $306.95
EZ-L4 32 gallon 4 bag $256.95
EZ-L8 32 gallon 8 bag $415.95
STRAP Hanging Straps $29.95

Neato SACK


Neato Sack is a wash bag for waching machines.
- Very convenient -
Constructed with quality and made from the same materials used in our Neato BAGS.

Item Number Description Neato Set Price
SK-220 Neato SACK (220µ) $44.95


   By purchasing the Neato COMBO, you save big and you get 2 great quality products
  for one discounted price.

Neato Classic Bag Set + Neato Hand Press
classic M-4 $356.95
classic M-8 $486.95
classic L-4 $451.95
classic L-8 $598.95
Neato EZ-FLOW Bag Set + Neato Hand Press
EZ M-4 $389.95
EZ M-8   $543.95
EZ L-4   $451.95
EZ L-8   $676.95


These kits are primarily used for holistic purposes such as making your own vitamins, ointments, extract of mint, rosewater, and aromatic incense.

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Check out West Coast Growers Trim Bins.

They are the perfect compliment to our bags.

The Trim Bin kit is the perfect tool for all of your dry sifting needs to separate most if not all of your material from your concentrate. Each kit comes with a 120 micron metal sifting screen and catch bin that fits comfortably on your lap for ease of use. Made in the USA.
trimbin TrimBinExploded
Trim Bin $59.95 TRIMBIN