Boss GS-3
shipping included (lower 48 only - Alaska & Hawaii not included)

Our BOSS Series GROW STAND facilitates the widest range of light configurations found on the market today. These quality built, free standing light support systems can be used with a basic single light system for starters, or in a multiple lights setup for spectral mixing.

Hoods can get rearranged quickly, and lights can be added or removed with ease.
BOSS Series GROW Stands are moveable, expandable, adjustable in height, and are compatible with all your indoor gardening needs.

Be kind to your house, and be kind to your landlord!
** Avoid damaging your walls and ceilings **

Eliminates long hours searching for wall studs, drilling holes into walls, and attempting to hang your lights securely from hard to reach ceilings.
Eliminates sound/vibration transfer via fasteners into adjacent joists and studs.

Features: powder coated steel frames, pre-drilled ballast mount locations, locking soft rubber casters, and our new 'EZ-Mount' chain kit.
Available lengths:74", 76", 95", 103" and 106" span.


The BOSS Series GROW STAND can be used for Stationary light configurations,
or with Light Movers for greater efficiency and yield.
Additional Grow Stands can be daisy-chained together indefinitely.
The widest model will support up to 9 stationary light systems.

BOSS GS-3 (Basic GROW Stand)
  • for a 4'x8' area max. (9'x5' foot print)
  • adjustable height (79" to 96")
  • custom lengths (74", 76", 95", 103" and 106")
  • use up to 3 stationary lights
  • includes chain kit
  • easily integrates with optional "Rope Ratchets" light hangers, Light Rail 3.5 or Solar Revolution.

sturdy-new2stands FRONT


Sample configurations for basic GS-3 GROW Stand

GS-3 2x600
2x600 W
GS-3 3x400
3x600 W
GS-3 1x1000lm
1x1000 W + light mover
**Images are shown with optional Bench, Tray and Reservoir**


BOSS GROW Stand Price Part Number
BOSS GS-3 Grow Stand (4'x8' area) $259.95 00240-00009
BOSS GS-4 Grow Stand (8'x8' area) $399.95 00240-00006
BOSS GS-9 Grow Stand (8'x12' area) $424.95 0240-000019



  • for a 8'x8' area
  • supports up to 6 stationary lights
  • includes Swivel sticks (4), expansion
    tubes (4), and chain kit
  • consists of GS-3 GROW Stand,
    and GS-6 Expansion Kit.

  • for a 8'x12' area
  • supports up to 9 stationary lights
  • includes expansion
    tubes (4), and chain kit
  • consists of GS-3 GROW Stand,
    and GS-9 Expansion Kit.
GS6 4l-b
GS-4: 4 lights/ 8'x8' area

GS9 9l
GS-9: 9 lights/ 8'x12' area

GS6 4l-a
GS-4: 4 lights/ 8'x8' area

GS6 6l
GS-4: 6 lights/ 8'x8' area

BOSS GROW Stand Price Part Number
BOSS GS-4 Grow Stand Hang 4 Lights over 2 4x8's $399.95 0240-00006
BOSS GS-9 Grow Stand Hang 6 Lights over 4 4x8's $424.95 0240-00019
BOSS Expansion Kit  
BOSS GS-4 Expansion Kit Hang 6 lights over 2 4x8's $33.95 0242-00606
BOSS GS-9 Expansion Kit Hang 9 lights over 4 4x8's $133.95 0242-00909


BOSS SRV4 Kit Price Part Number
GS-3 + choice of SRV-2, SRV-3, or SRV-4
+Solar Revolution light integration kit
699.95 0242-000SR

  • custom lengths (74", 76", 95", 103" and 106")
  • includes chain kit
Sample configuration
ES-9 ES-3 GS-3
BOSS ES-3 'Extend-A-Stand' Price Part Number
BOSS ES-3 Kit $199.95 0242-00015

BOSS GS-3 Accessories
  • Light mover Integration ...

GS-3 solarrev
... for Solar Revolution

BOSS GS-3 Accessories Price Part Number
BOSS Solar Revolution Integration Kit $24.95 0242-00006
BOSS Light Rail 3.5 Integration Kit $83.95 0242-00066
Swivel Stick $24.95 0242-00018
Incorporate a Solar Revolution Light Mover or Light Rail 3.5
Solar Revolution Light Mover $527.95  
Light Rail 3.5 Motor, rail and swivel stick $229.95  
Light Rail 3.5 Rail only (6' long) $21.95  

Light movers are used to enhance the growers yield by increasing light penetration, reducing light senescence due to lack of light, and improve overall light uniformity over the garden.

Light rail kits are compatible with our grow stands or can be mounted directly to ceilings or joists. We also offer the Solar Revolution Light Mover which can support up to 8 light weight lighting systems. This technique allows for the best way to mix your M.H. and H.P.S. lights for wider spectral requirements or the use of dual arc lamps.



  • for 4'x 8' area
  • 35W to 60W/sq.ft (depending on light configuration)
  • Hydroponics System Type : 
    Ebb & Flow, or Top Feed Recirculating,
    or Top Feed Drain to Waste.
  • Uses 600W/1000W Light Systems
  • Light Mover Rail length : 6'


Description Price Part Number
Boss-SR $499.95 0242-000SR



“Lil BOSS” Grow Stand

MSRP $79.95
Size L54”xW36”H72”

Available in white only

 lil boss

2x2 Propagation Stand

MSRP $59.95
Size L29”xW18”H36”

Available in white only


2x4 Propagation Stand

MSRP $69.95
Size L54”xW18”H36”

Available in white only



Price Part Number

LIL-BOSS Light Duty Grow Stand 4x4 space

$79.95 0242-00054

Table Top Stand 2x2

$59.95 0242-T0028

Table Top Stand 2x4

$69.95 0242-T0054