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Bell Lighting Systems Double Ended Technology

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Bell Lighting Systems from West Coast Growers


West Coast Growers offers Complete Light Systems
(including Reflector, choice of Ballast, and GE HPS Bulb)
or Semi-complete Light Systems
(including Reflector, and choice of Ballast)

Complete Light Systems

Bell-new vented   +   global 2sm   +   hortilux1
Bell Lighting Reflector
  • Increases yield
  • Uniform light distribution
  • Aluminum construction
  • 30 year warranty
  • Powder coated finish

Digital Ballast
Standard Ballast

!  ALL LR- Wattage ranges are sold with Bell Lighting 1000W vented or non-vented Universal Reflector !
Prices include Reflector, Ballast and Bulb

Options Digital Ballast Standard Ballast Part Number
  Universal Reflector
400 Watt Lighting System $341.95     $296.95      LR-SYS400
400 Vented Lighting System $355.95     $306.95      LR-SYS400V
600 Watt Lighting System $401.95     $332.95      LR-SYS600
600 Vented Lighting System $424.95     $348.95      LR-SYS600V
1000 Watt lighting System $552.95     $370.95      LR-SYS100
1000 Watt Vented lighting System $562.95     $386.95      LR-SYS100V
  "Batwing" Type Reflector
LRC-400 $349.95     $303.95      LRC-400
LRC-600 $449.95     $306.95      LRC-600
LRC-1000     $524.95     $332.95      LRC-1000
**Note: Some assembly required. Chain kits and hanger hardware sold separately.

West Coast Growers does NOT GUARANTY glass from breakage during shipping.
Please consider buying your TEMPERED GLASS from a local vendor to save cost.

Glass Dimensions:
  • LR-  600 MV = 23 5/8" x 17" x 1/8"
  • LR-1000 MV = 30 7/8" x 23" x 1/8"