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AGRO-MAX lamps are specifically designed for the Horticultural industry. They are available in both High Pressure Sodium and Compact Fluorescent lamps types.

AGRO-MAX offers extended spectrum HPS lamps, which provide for more vigorous growth than standard high pressure sodium lamps. With added "blue" spectrum, the AGRO-MAX lamp supplies up to 17% more available energy for plant growth than other sodium lamps.

Model # Description Lumens Kelvin Temp CRI MSRP
AM-250HPS AgroMax 250w HPS 35,000 2200k 26 $49.95
AM-400HPS AgroMax 400w HPS 55,000 2200k 26 $49.95
AM-600HPS AgroMax 600w HPS 95,000 2200k 26 $79.95
AM-1000HPS AgroMax 1000w HPS 150,000 2200k 26 $89.95
ACH-250-C AgroMax 250w Conversion MH 20,500 4100k 65 ---
ACH-400-C AgroMax 400w Conversion MH 38,000 4100k 65 $54.95
ACH-600-C AgroMax 600w Conversion MH 66,000 4100k 65 $84.95
ACH-1000-C AgroMax 1000w Conversion MH 100,500 4100k 65 $89.95
AM-400-MH-3K AgroMax 400w Metal Halide, 3000k 40,000 3000k 65 ---
AM-1000-MH-65K AgroMax 1000w Metal Halide, 6500k 95,000 6500k 82 ---