West Coast Growers offers high quality continuous and pen meters from Oakton Instruments and Spectrum Technologies. Oakton offers scientific instruments for research, industrial, and educational uses. These instruments are famous for their unique combination of innovative design and exceptional value, and represent "best buys" in their categories.

oakton3 The Oakton TDS Tester

The Oakton TDS Tester has +/- 1% FS accuracy and Automatic Temperature Calibration, displays the full reading - no need to apply multiplier to determine actual reading, has a durable fiber reinforced case and seals for longer life, is double O-ring sealed, with a replaceable electrode and includes a built in loop on end cap for attaching lanyard.

TDS Tester Specifications
Model: OK-35661-11
TDS Tester Low / 0-1990 ppm / +-1% FS      

Price: $99.95

oakton4 The Oakton pH Tester:

The Oakton pH Tester is microprocessor based for fast, stable response. The pH Tester has all pushbutton operation and calibration - no tools or trimmers used, has display measured units to eliminate confusion and is very easy to use.

PH Tester Specifications
Model: OK-35624-02
pH Tester 1 / -1.0 to 15.0 pH / +-0.2 pH          

Price: $144.95