Use a lot of powdered nutrients like Carbo Load, Big Bud, or Piranha? Tired of using dry measure spoons or tools to get the proper amount to add to your water? Worry no more, we have very accurate laboratory scales to meet all those needs. If you need a little or a lot to add, these lab scales will measure the most accurate amount you need for all your nutrient amounts, small or large.

scale1 Mini Pocket Scale:

Capacity: 120g, graduation of 0.05g. Size is 9.4 x 6.1 x 1.7cm, weighs only 74 grams. Uses 2 small batteries (included, CR-2032). Switches between g, oz, dwt, and ozt. Comes with a carrying pouch and a 5 year warranty.

Price: $49.95


scale2 Professional Lab Scale, SK-0500:

Capacity: 500g, incrementally metered at 0.1g. Uses 3x 1.5v AA batteries (included, or you can also get the optional power supply) Has automatic power off function, stainless steel platform, 12cm diameter weight stand, taring function for ease of use, and comes with a large size plastic bowl.

Price: $69.95


scale3 Professional Lab Scale, SK-5000:

Capacity: 5000g, incrementally metered at 1g, 176oz, incrementally metered at 0.05oz. Power supply is included, uses 4x 1.5v AA batteries. Stainless steel platform is 15cm in diameter, has taring function for ease of use, comes with large plastic bowl, and has a 5 year warranty.

Price: 79.95