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Sturdy-Built Tru-Fit Tray Stands



Sturdy-Built Tray Stands are known for durability and strength and come with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturer's structural defects. This unique pocket design prevents side to side motion of the plastic tray. All frames are powder coated white and fully support any popular flood tray. This exciting product comes with locking roll-around casters, center supports to prevent tray sagging, powder coated frame work and fastening hardware.

Bench legs are staggered for increased drainage thereby preventing water from pooling, which will eliminate mold, algae growth and pathogens.

Each tray stand has a set height to accommodate a specific size reservoir while maximizing plant height. The frames can also be ordered with short legs to further maximize plant height, while adding flexibility and mobility to the end users grow room. The shorter legs, when ordered with the table frame, will add another 2 feet of head room for taller plants. The standard head room height, for "under table reservoirs" is approximately 4.5', and can be increased to 6 or 7 feet with the short leg option, assuming an eight foot ceiling height.

When ordering verify the manufacturer's style of tray that you possess. Sturdy-Built Tru-Fit products are built specifically for each manufacturer's length, width and depth of tray which is why they are called Tru-Fit.


These kits come with rails, caps and cross members only. You can add hardware and wheel kits as stated below.

No Coat Kits Price
IDNP-4X4 $81.95
IDNP-3X6 $88.95
LTNP-2X8 $98.95
IDNP-4X8 $103.95
LTNP-4X8 $117.95
No Coat Accessories Price
4-WHEEL KIT $24.95
6-WHEEL KIT $37.95

West Coast Growers is now offering valued pricing for the Sturdy-Built line of tray stands as well as our kits that include the plastic tray and stand. We have 17 convenient locations from where you can discretely pick up items or if you prefer; you may have the items shipped direct to your location.

To sweeten the deal further we will ship a free sample pack of Botanicare nutrients while supplies last for orders that exceed $850.00

Sturdy-Built Tray Stand Part Number Price
2x4 0240-00204 $92.95
3x3 0240-00303 $99.95
4x4 0240-00404 $99.95
3x6 0240-00306 $179.95
2x8 0240-00208 $189.95
4x8 0240-00408 $195.95
4x8 Low Tide 0240-LT408 $227.95
Sturdy-Built Tray Stand and White Tray    
2x4 0240-WT00204 $148.95
3x3 0240-WT00303 $185.95
4x4 0240-WT00404 $232.95
3x6 0240-WT00306 $312.95
2x8 0240-WT00208 $305.95
4x8 0240-WT00408 $343.95
4x8 Low Tide 0240-WTLT408 $362.95
Sturdy-Built Tray Stand and Black Tray    
2x4 0240-BT00204 $143.95
3x3 0240-BT00303 $168.95
4x4 0240-BT00404 $214.95
3x6 0240-BT00306 $275.95
2x8 0240-BT00208 $285.95
4x8 0240-BT00408 $313.95
4x8 Low Tide 0240-BTLT408 $334.95
***Reservoirs and pumps sold separately    
***Wheels sold separately    
Wheel Kits    
Residential Grade 4 Castors* 2 locking / 2 non-locking $24.95
Residential Grade 6 Castors* 3 locking / 3 non-locking $37.95
Commercial Grade 4 Castors 2 locking / 2 non-locking $99.95
Commercial Grade 6 Castors 3 locking / 3 non-locking $139.95
Industrial Grade 4 Castors 4 locking $149.95
Industrial Grade 6 Castors 6 locking $179.95
 *Residential Castors not available on new X-GEN products.    
Light Kits    
2x4,3x3,4x4 light rack   $43.95
2x8, 3x6, 4x8 light rack   $99.95
Trellis Kits (All Trellis Kits include netting and hardware)
Trellis leg extension kit add-on for 4 legs 4-TLE $79.95
Trellis leg extension kit add-on for 6 legs 6-TLE $109.95
Trellis leg kit all in one for 4 legs 4-TRL $79.95
Trellis leg kit all in one for 6 legs 6-TRL $109.95


Now Introducing our new, more robust
Trellis Kit Ensemble


We offer very affordable shipping rates as well!!!


3'x 3' Semi-Complete System

TK 2x4-florecent

2' x 4' Complete Kit


4'x 8' Semi-Complete

Sturdy-4x8 Shortleg

short leg option


Quality & Craftsmanship


Flood Table Bench



Wheel Kit


STURDY-BUILT Semi-Complete Flood Table Systems

All Systems include a Sturdy -Built Flood Table Frame manufactured by Global Application Manufacturing Group, a white flood table tray, a recirculation pump, drain and fill hardware kit, reservoir and reservoir cover and a mechanical timer.

As with all West Coast Growers frame kits these flood table systems come complete with locking wheels to improve serviceability and maintenance.

Lighting system and on-board light racks are not included. Continue to the “Turnkey System” offerings for these additional items.

System Size Tray Type Reservoir Pump Price
2'x 4' Botanicare 20 gal. 250 GPH $389.95
3'x3' Botanicare 40 gal. 350 GPH $419.95
4'x 4' Botanicare 70 gal 500 GPH $669.95
3'x 6' Botanicare 70 gal. 500 GPH $719.95
2'x 8' Botanicare 20 gal. 350 GPH $419.95
4'x 8' (Ebb/Flow) Botanicare 115 gal. 700 GPH $999.95
4'x 8' (Drain to Waste) Botanicare 55 gal. 500 GPH $1099.95


3' x 3' Semi Complete
Flood table System

4' x 8' Semi Complete
Flood table System

"Double Decker"
"Turnkey Systems"
BOSS Series
"Grow Stand"

Sturdy-old-DoubleDecker sm

Twice the Area

TurnKey-old-bigtray-onelight sm
With on-board
Light Rack
Sturdy-new-BossSTANDs SIDE sm
Grow Stand

Sturdy-new-setfull sm

Complete System

Flood Table Trays:
botanicarelogo sm

These propagation trays are 7 inches deep to allow for deep flooding which provides for more versatile project usage. They are ideal for small nursery applications or full plant production environments.
They are manufactured with a recessed bottom area for feed, drain and overflow fittings. Again, raised channels allow for better drainage and create a path for the nutrient solution to follow in and under the root system. They are available in white only and are manufactured with high-impact ABS plastic.

Botanicare Trays
  White "ID" Black O.D. Black "LT"
2 x 2 $39.95 N/A N/A
2 x 4 $64.95 N/A N/A
3 x 3 $99.95 $64.95 $49.95
4 x 4 $129.95 $92.95 $73.95
3 x 6 $154.95 $117.95 N/A
2 x 8 $124.95 N/A $82.95
4 x 8 $235.95 $154.95 $143.95

Tray 24x44x7White 24"x 44"x 7"

Tray 36x36x7White 36"x 36"x 7"

Tray 48x48White 48"x 48"x 7"

Tray 4x8Tray

4'x 8'x 7"

MULTI-RES ™ Reservoir:

American Agritech’s MULTI-RES ™ Reservoir is designed for simplicity in maintenance and performance. Available in 10, 20, 40, 70 and 115 gallon sizes.
Each reservoir comes with a specially designed lid containing an access port and a raised grip porthole cover. This standard option allows the gardener easy access to the reservoir without taking the entire lid off, ensuring a more functional routine when adding solutions, nutrients and water to your reservoir.
The MULTI-RES ™ Reservoir also comes equipped with built in bulkhead ports in front and on each side, enabling the grower to add a centrifugal pump outside the reservoir. This feature also gives the gardener the ability to join together in-line or side by side to achieve increased water volumes.

Reservoir Size Price
10 Gallon $73.95
20 Gallon $85.95
American Hydro 30 Gallon $99.95
40 Gallon $116.95
70 Gallon $226.95
115 Gallon $324.95


MultiRes 20gal20 gal.

MultiRes 40gal40 gal.

MultiRes 115gal115 gal.

STURDY-BUILT Reservoir Dollies

Finally a reservoir frame with wheels. Global Applications, the manufacturer of the Sturdy-Built line of flood table benches, is proud to announce roll-a-round reservoir dollies made to fit common reservoirs in our industry. The low profile allow for the reservoir to fit under your flood table bench and tray.

Reservoir Dollies Price Part Number
10/20 gal. (2' x 2') $ 69.95 0243-R0020
40 gal. $ 111.95 0243-R0040
70 gal. $ 129.95 0243-R0070
115 gal. $ 149.95 0243-R0115

reservoir-cradlehiresSMReservoir Dolly

STURDY-BUILT P-Series Propagation Benches:

Global Applications is proud to announce our new more economical P-Series flood table benches for light duty applications. The new design supports standard 2x2, 2x4, and 3x3 flood table trays. They are hand crafted in the USA with all the high quality attributes you have come to expect from the Sturdy-Built line of products. The P-series benches are powder coated white to provide many years of rust-free performance in high humidity environments. The light rack and wheels are optional if you require a place to hang your light and ballast and or move the bench easily from room to room.

The P-series flood table benches can be purchased separately or can be purchased in one of our many Turn-Key products. The P-Series Turn-Key Kit includes your choice of florescent or HID lighting, your choice of tray size and reservoir. Call West Coast Growers for a quote for our very economical pricing.

Pricing for the stand alone kit, optional light rack, and optional wheels are listed below.

Benches Price Part Number
2 x 2 Bench only $89.95 0242-P0202
2 x 4 Bench only $109.95 0242-P0204
3 x 3 Bench only $112.95 0242-P0303
P-Series Universal Light Rack (optional) $64.95 0242-ULR00
P-Series Wheel Kit (2 locking/
2 non-locking)
$24.95 0242-WHEEL

2x2com  p-s2' x2' Complete

3x3com P-s
3' x 3' Complete

STURDY -BUILT P-Series Turn-Key Systems:

The new P-series Sturdy-Built kits are priced to sell. These new kits come complete with free Botanicare nutrients, Black Botanicare tray, Sturdy-Built bench, Sturdy built light rack and a pair of Rope-ratchets to raise or lower your light safely. These systems are designed for the budget minded grower who expects top quality and ease of installation.

Complete 2' x 2' P-Series Kit

Bot CNS17GKComponents:

  • Botanicare 2' x 2' white tray
  • 2' x 2' P-Series Bench
  • Light rack assembly
  • Rope ratchet kit
  • Botanicare CNS17 Tri-Pak

Size Price
2' x 2' Kit without Light $ 189.95
2' x 2' Kit with Tech Light $ 312.95

Complete 2' x 4' P-Series Kit

Bot CNS17GKComponents:
  • Botanicare 2' x 4' black tray (not shown)
  • 2' x 4' P-Series Bench
  • Light rack assembly
  • Rope ratchet kit
  • Botanicare CNS17 Tri-Pak

Size Price
2' x 4' Kit without Light $ 204.95
2' x 4' Kit with Tech Light $ 379.95

Complete 3' x 3' P-Series Kit

Bot CNS17GKComponents:
  • Botanicare 3' x 3' black tray (not shown)
  • 3' x 3' P-Series Bench
  • Light rack assembly
  • Rope ratchet kit
  • Botanicare CNS17 Tri-Pak

Size Price
3' x 3' Kit without Light $ 229.95
3' x 3' Kit with 600 W Light $ 641.95


2x2com  p-s

Complete 2' x 2' Kit

2x4com p-s
Complete 2' x 4' Kit

3x3com P-s
Complete 3' x 3' Kit